Receiving a College Degree

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Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities? Being 32 years old, a mother and wife trying to make a good life for your family is not an easy task. After working for the last 10 years at the same pay rate in a society of ever growing fees, prices and costs for living, you realize there is a problem. You need more money to make ends meet and provide a good life for your family and stability and resources for your future which is the problem. High paying jobs are not popping up like weeds, do you get 2 jobs or try for a new job? What can you do to better your situation? If you get 2 jobs, you will have a little more money, but no time for your family and other responsibilities. If you look for another job, you could run the risk of ending up with no job at all. Getting a degree can open more doors for better paying employment opportunities, with better benefits and options. The higher your education the more you are wanted in that industry and the more ideal pay, benefits and incentives that are available to you. Going from hourly wages to salary, as well as other bonuses like health insurance, spending accounts are some of the benefits of having a degree. Your family will be open to better ways of living, stability and flexibility. You will have less stress, better your health and yourself academically and mentally. Using critical thinking processes like for problem solving, identifying your barriers, using a list of pros and cons is a great way to make solid, good decisions. This process is exactly what I use to solve the majority of problems. The critically thinking process varies from person to person, but the majority of steps are the same. Identifying problems, finding ways to correct them, and reaching a solution can be done in various ways. I know that I will personally use critical thinking throughout my life with many

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