Summary: Implementation Report On Tuition Reimbursement

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Implementation Report on Tuition Reimbursement Patricia K. Wallace XCOM285 August 5, 2012 Jeff Tischauser Implementation report on tuition reimbursement There are several ways to expand employee benefits, beginning with health care and ending with education; however, companies question the benefits or education because of escalating cost associated with higher learning and its value to the company versus the associated risks. However, if one would examine the issue carefully and research the statistics on continued education one would find education has had a positive influence on companies, organizations, and even countries by providing a greater range of opportunities for companies and individuals. To support the above statement…show more content…
The Institute for Higher Education Policy says college graduates not only earn more and account for larger amounts of savings but also enjoy the benefits of higher education such as professional and personal mobility, leisure activities, and higher quality of life in addition to developing better culture, rationale, consistence, and becoming more open-minded. Going even further, research has proven people with higher education have lower smoking rates and better health, which is an indirect positive factor for any employer in terms of lower cost on health expenses, higher performance, and lower number of sick-days. Indeed, education is the benefit for the person who achieves it at first place, but these are so-called ‘secondary effects’, if can be worded this way; the real benefit is better knowledge, opportunities, and qualities that this person brings to the company. New professional opportunities for the company consist of many aspects, such as better communication abilities in speaking, writing, and public presentations (and lower costs of poor communication as the result), generally better…show more content…
Unfortunately, many people have no desire on developing his or her negotiating skills they simply avoid or postpone solving problems. For example, a conflict between two employees caused production levels to down at Joe bait. The manager of these two employees instead of taking immediate action and using his or her negotiating skills allow the conflict to escalate; whether the manager though the problem would resolve itself his or her lack of action only contributed to the conflict and the continued decrease in production. If the manager had used his or her negotiating skills and solved the conflict with the employees the company would not have only save time and production it would have saved money for the company. One can only image the amount of money wasted from unnecessary and in many cases avoidable lawsuits or injury. So just from looking on these two skills that employee can obtain while working on college degree, it is difficult to overstate all benefits it can bring. Recent example of poor communication and negotiation with Toyota vividly shows possible consequences and

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