Tuition Investment Research Paper

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Tuition Investments COMM/105 May 24, 2010 Tuition Investments An investment into the education of associates of this company will not only become an asset to @@@ but will also promote high self esteem, enhance knowledge, and offer the company more qualified candidates to be promoted from within. Currently, @@@ offers Tuition Assistance as an additional benefit to the comprehensive benefit package; however, an upgrade to Tuition Reimbursement and Flex-Time to take on-site classes will allow potential students more affordable options in pursuing their educational dreams. The Tuition Assistance Policy will only reimburse a student a portion of the cost for higher education. This requires the student to either spend money out of pocket or apply for loans that will have to later be repaid. Attending a college or university that offers an inexpensive…show more content…
This quality is admirable and this confidence is portrayed in one’s daily work ethics. Providing tuition reimbursement can ensure this quality is fine tuned and the company will reap the benefits. Self-esteem is a driving force for associates that understand their work can be a reflection of the person behind the work. The associate that has a second chance to enroll in college courses will receive that needed boost to rebuild the lost self-esteem. To offer the chance to not only enroll but to receive reimbursement and a flexible schedule will remove any doubts of any associate that is unsure of their capability and support of pursuing the dream of higher education. The receipt of the first “A” or “B” will encourage the associates to continue to strive to produce excellent work in class as well as in the work environment. The ability of an associate to flex time will promote an ability to produce higher numbers during the work hours to prove to management the decision to offer this benefit will not be taken for
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