Argumentative Essay About Community Colleges

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Vinnie DiRenno 11/9/11 Prof. Zaluda Argument Essay The question of whether or not community colleges benefit the individual and its society people have to choose. I believe that community colleges do indeed benefit both of these topics. Community colleges give those high school students an education so that they don’t have to leave home or if there not set on what their career path is yet or if they just want to be a part time student for some time. It also helps those who aren’t well off financially afford a place where they can get a higher education. Community colleges provide a good environment for students and the people around it. Community colleges are good for individuals such as young adults and older people with the education that is…show more content…
Living in Harrison and hanging out all over Westchester you see that there is a lot of money going around. Being said this creates a better environment for everyone who attends the school. Especially with the greater wealth around the campus this creates a better campus with higher paid teachers and better technology resources than other schools. The third reason why community colleges are very beneficial is that it creates opportunities for people who are less financially sound. Coming from my own home my parents didn’t have enough money to put me through a big time college right now and rather than spending fifty thousand a year I’m only spending about two thousand. Also there are financial aid programs that also can help out many others and with a low tuition rate the more people can attend school to receive that higher education. With all of this being said you can tell how important of a role community colleges play in the lives of many. These statements show how community colleges benefit individuals financially and the learning experience they have to offer to

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