Returning to School to Better Myself

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Although I am only nineteen years old I have been through a great deal since I graduated high school last year. I got married, moved to Germany, and started a life away from everything I have ever known. I have taken on many challenges in the past few years. I decided that returning to school was my next challenge to face. College is an immense commitment that should not be taken lightly. At first I was reluctant to make such a commitment. After all, I knew it wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. I am starting college to improve myself and to make better opportunities for my family. There are many obstacles that I will have to encounter to reach this goal. In the end, when I hold my diploma in my hands, it will all have been worth it. The foremost reason I am earning a college degree so that I can help support my family and set a good example for my future children. A college degree is necessary for a good job and a comfortable lifestyle. (“Reports & Papers”, 1998) I never want my family to go without. I want them to have everything they need and more. To be sure that I am doing all that I can so that my family and I can live a comfortable life, I must have a reliable job. To have a reliable job I must have a college degree. I also want a job that I am going to love. Not something that I dread doing. I am also choosing to further my education so that I can better myself as a person, also. I want to gain all of the knowledge that I possibly can. In doing this I feel better about myself as a person. Good self-esteem can be an important factor in being successful, both personally and professionally. (Witt & Mossler, 2010) I face numerous obstacles by choosing to go back to school and earn a degree. Firstly, a college education is not cheap. I have to make sure that I have the money to cover the cost of tuition by applying for grants and other financial aid. Secondly, I

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