Why College Is Important Essay

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Why college is important to me I have found myself over these past 10 years questioning the importance of a college education. I ask myself why college is so important to me. My answer came to me recently when I realized that in order for me to be successful in Criminal Justice or Corrections I must a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Also, for me not to struggle financially during today’s economic crisis I must have this degree. Not only a degree but a degree in a profession that I love. I've wanted to be in law enforcement since I was a senior in high school. I would dream of being an Investigator and solving high profile cases. Other areas of interest include Crime Scene investigations and forensics. Ive always been fascinated with the science behind forensics. There are many facets to law enforcement which are very intriguing and that is why I have chosen this field of work. Sure I can have a career in law enforcement but without a degree my opportunity to grow along with future options would be severely limited. Another reason why college is important to me is to have financial gain in this 20th century we live in. Finding a job is very difficult to come by. It’s so prevalent to have more than a high school diploma. Many years ago a high school diploma was enough to obtain a job making decent money, but now it’s an absolute must to have a college degree and training. I want to be able to provide a comfortable life style for my family. Having a nice home, frequent vacations and financial freedom is a wonderful persuasion for obtaining my degree. In closing college is important because I want to be a role model for my son. Liam is my strongest push to obtain this degree. When his friends ask him what his mommy does for a living he can proudly reply "she is an investigator." Brigham Young said once "You educate a man; you educate a man.

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