Why College Education Is Important to Me

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Connie McBride AC0707685 Writing Assessment EN110 Achieving Academic Excellence “Why College is Important to Me” Working menial jobs to get through high school really didn’t give me the push to jump right into college. I tried a few classes here and there and it was something that seemed to be a temporary thing to occupy time. I was young and didn’t realize what college was going to mean to my adulthood challenges. After finally accepting a full time job that could lead to a career for some time it became clear that college would have been a good choice for me to have been successful. I quickly began to attend college classes through my employer to make gains in my career and try to possibly secure my future. I had no idea until this point the many advantages that college was going to provide for me if I allowed it to. Continuing on in the job I had accepted it opened opportunities to study courses to get me promoted and increase my wages which bettered my lifestyle for me and my family and made things easier. I had finally found a job that I was happy in and chances to increase my thirst for knowledge as I could continue my education as long as I wanted. I finally had self- confidence and the drive to make the most of my career as I neared completion of Banker’s College. Finally completing bankers college only started a drive for personal interest in a full fledged college degree and a chance at a new dream that I one day would like to complete, my own day care. I returned to an online college in a degree program for Early Childhood so I could prove to my family that I could graduate with honors and receive a diploma and I did with an Associate’s Degree the proudest moment of my life. I now have the chance to do many things with my college degree as well as returning to college and adding to it to
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