Why College Is Important to Me

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Laura Mothes AC1303947 EN110.6.3 Achieving Academic Excellence Writing Assessment 5_06 “Why College Education is Important to Me” August 20, 2013 Why College is Important to Me A higher education is a vital part of living in this society. College Education is the key for my future, which can open many doors of achievement and help me excel in my life. Going to college and achieving a higher education is important to me because of my personal growth and access to great teachers, the knowledge and experience I will be able to gain, which can then lead to higher wages and better opportunities throughout my life. After graduating from high school we have a chance to continue our education and personal growth by attending a college or university and gaining access to great teachers. We experience self-discovery, self-improvement and personal growth through higher education which will help us gain more confidence, higher social skills and greater civic awareness, all of which we need for our future careers and adult lives in general. According to Chris Blake (2001), “Generally, colleges provide access to topnotch professors and experts who are constantly teaching classes, giving lectures and offering help to students in their chosen field. This type of interaction extends well beyond classroom learning and gives you an opportunity that most high school grads don't have available.” These professors will be our role models, teaching us valuable skills and lessons so we can find and increase our potentials, to be able to grow and evolve as human beings for future generations. While I was doing a practicum in Hawaii for the Early Head Start preschool, I watched an interesting encounter between one of the children and a substitute, who did not have any children of her own, nor has she ever volunteered with children before as a teacher or tutor. Kingston, a three and
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