Motivation for Attending College

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Motivations for Attending College Attending college will be a notable innovative moment in my life. Many consider attending college to be an option, but for me, it’s an obligation. Obtaining a college degree has always been a goal of mine. More than just my ambition drives to me attend college. My reasons scale from ameliorating my future, to experiencing campus life, to taking the next step to fulfill my dreams and pursue my career. Attending college will create a pathway that will allow me to take my walk to success. The word college always had a hold on me. To me it means freedom, hard work, sleepless nights, and a brighter future. Growing up I observed college to be a place where people party all the time, attend sporting as well as other campus events, go to class, go to sleep and do it all over again the next day. I perceived it to be the way television portrays it to be. The closer I became to my college years I realized that what’s shown on television is what one wishes college to be; to be that easy. I realized that one can enjoy all the activities college life has to offer as long as they make sure their work is done on time. Being an individual who believes having a social life is very important, this knowledge of college life allowed me to prepare myself for it at an earlier level. I enjoy going out with friends and family, attending school events, going to parties, going to all my school basketball games, and all that falls under a social category. I learned to balance my social and academic life very well over the years and I am proud to say that my grades can speak on that statement. I know I have the ability to take on college life and I cannot wait for my journey to begin. Being a Latina, a number of stereotypes are already placed upon me. Knowing this from such a young age, I set in stone that I didn’t want to be another

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