Why I Am Attending College

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Reason I am attending college and future plans The three main reasons I have decided to return to college and complete my degree are as follows: satisfaction of completing my goal, career change and opportunity came knocking. Upon completion of my degree and certifications I plan to return to the workforce and start a new career in the Information Technology field. My decision to return to college was made rather quickly after the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I have been working as a Team Manager for 11 years at the same company. I had some medical issues and had to take a month of medical leave. Two days after I returned from my medical leave I was terminated. The company tried to state that I was the lowest ranked for critical skills analyses they performed. Just 4 months prior I was rated as the number one manager of out 20 of my peers. This was basically a political assassination. They provided me with a severance package but I refused and sued them for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) violations. After 7 months I prevailed and received a sizeable settlement that allowed me to pay off the debt I had to Seminole State and enroll in school. Another factor that helped me make this decision was the new VRAP (Veterans Reemployments Assistance Program) that offered money for living expense to return to school. These 2 pieces of the puzzle provide the ability for me to pay for school and be able to return fulltime. Personal sense of accomplishment and a new career field are the other reasons I have decided to complete my degree. I was tired of putting some college down when filling out job applications and responding to interview questions. I would like to state this degree is completed not halfway done. In addition I would be the first in my family to graduate college. So in closing accomplishing this goal would lead to the completion of a lifelong goal

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