Why College Education Is Important to Me

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Why college education is important to me? I strongly believe one of the most critical ways of reaching your dreams and goals in life are to have a college education. Without a college education you may find it extremely difficult to have a good enough career that will provide you and your family with enough money to do the extra things in life that are pleasurable and exciting. I also strongly believe that having a college education will teach my children that continuing their education beyond high school equals success for them in the future. Without a college education one cannot reach their full potential thus making them unable to achieve their highest and most sought after dreams and goals. One of the main reasons to continue your education and get a college degree is that it opens many doors of opportunity and allows us to obtain a better career. It is hard to find a decent job that will pay you a decent salary with only a high school education. Although a college education does not guarantee success it does give a little bit of an edge over a high school graduate applying for the same position. You have more choices in careers with a college degree thus giving you more choices in life. Having a college degree for the most part means having more money. More money means being able to do things that you cannot do with a job obtained by only having a high school education. In my case it is important to me because it played a huge role in my child custody case. I was a stay at home mother for six years freshly out of high school, I was married at seventeen and had my first child by the time I was nineteen. I stayed at home and took care of the kids while my husband went to work and school. We split up a couple months before he finished school and he got a job making very good money. I myself had a high school education and only had a very average paying

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