Why College Education Is Important to Me

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Why college Education is Important to me “Education is the best legacy anyone can ever achieve” A college degree is something that will act as a pillar to help me in my career, since ups and downs in the corporate world are unavoidable and will not only help me to succeed in the current recession, but will also help to be better prepare for future economic difficulties. With a decent salary, I will be able to save up money in case of an emergency and will also be less likely to lose my job in the future if I have a college degree. Most employers of the corporate world are hiring students with a college degree since employers are looking for college student who are capable to learn new things which is necessary to work in the corporate world. College degree increases your chance of employment by nearly 50%. A two-year degree or even some college can have a positive impact on your ability to find and keep a job, too. Fast Fact: The higher your education level, the higher your chances of finding and keeping a job. A college degree is important to me since it will determine my financial and social position, it will serves as evidence that helps me with necessary skills to be promoted to a higher position. During hard economic times, it’s important to be confident in your own abilities and not let the recession bring you down. College education will me prepare for major or industrial related skills, like a medical science student trained in a medical field to become a medical doctor when he/she get a degree and give you a sense of achievement that you can carry with you for your entire life, whether you are the first in your family to go to college or the newest graduate out of many generations A college education will expose me to so many activities which includes, projects, friend trips, sports, clubs, extra curricular activities, jobs and lots

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