Personal Statement: Am I Right For College

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YOUR NAME HERE English “Am I Right for college?”, “What can College do for me?”, “I just want to take a break after high school”. Do these sound familiar to you, because I know I was just asking myself these exact questions myself not too long ago. I’ve had my own fair share of doubt and fears of college. That’s till I made the choice to go to college, I decided that I have had a long enough brake. Like most high school seniors, I felt I knew everything I needed to pass by life. The thought of college very rarely crossed my mind so after high school all I was thinking of was all I need to do now is find a job. I quickly found out finding a job isn’t as easy as everyone who tells you. When I did think of college, I kept telling myself “I think I should take a few years off from school to find work.” Boy was that the worse idea I ever had, and now I wish I could take it all back. Unlike most high school students I didn’t attend a normal class, I felt the teacher was going too slowly at times and there was never any stress from other Students. Don’t get the wrong idea an “Independent studies”…show more content…
Due to that I was placed in to “back to the basics” classes, everything I went to Independent studies to get away from. Workforce helped me get started for college and I was eligible for a program to help me get back in to the school life style. Soon I took things in my own hands again but this time I had goal. I still had some fears like “How am I going to pay for all of this”. Asking around for help cleared that up quickly. While spending a few hours filling out my Student aid and a few other college documents, I started to look in to what else I could apply for. Once more I waited just a bit too long to grasp on to opportunity when it knocked. Missing out on some deadlines to get in to some great programs, which a bit of internet digging pulled up, I made a self-promise. To never let life run me I must run my

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