Returning To School: Should I Return?

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Returning to School: Should I Return? I have struggled with making the decision to return to school for years. There are many questions that people ask themselves trying to make this decision like: Can I afford it? Will I have the time? What degree should I get? After asking myself these questions, I felt like there was no chance I could get into college and earn a degree that would better my future. Some people may find returning to school a very easy decision but, it takes motivation, determination, and confidence. I always thought when I finished high school I would take a year off and then start college. Most things do not happen the way we expected and, I did not start college a year after high school. Instead I was married with a baby on the way. I still wanted to return to school but, did not know how I could. I was not sure if I could afford it or, with the baby on the way, that I would have time. Once I had my son, I had to start work to afford all the things a baby requires. My husband worked also and I had to put my son in daycare. Working from eight to five and having a baby at home, I just could not see myself starting school. “As more women have elected to attend college, they have been faced with making choices concerning education and family roles. While men have increasingly been faced with the same choices, women's continuing greater responsibility for household tasks, including child care, means that the choices are of greater consequence” (Teachman,1989). After a few years, I realized that without a college education I would never be able to advance in my career or be able to provide for my family the way I wanted to. Returning to school was a must but I still doubted that I would have the time and the money. It had been a few years since I had been in high school and I was afraid that I could not remember some of the things I needed to

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