Causes Of Returning To School Essay

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Carla Wright My Return to School English Composition 1 Denya Cuiffo October 14, 2013 When we attend college as adults, we have expectations of what college will be or will not be. I decided to go back to school for quite a few reasons. The main factors for my returning to school includes my family and stability also plays big role in my returning to school. My reasons for going back to school is to gain communication skills, become a good role model for my children, if I decide to have any, gain independence and seek profitable employment that would be profitable for me. My father has always been my support system in my return to school. My father has always been there for me when I needed him the most. I always was in good and healthy living arrangements, so I never wanted for anything. Returning to school was a good decision for me and everybody I would say because the economy is at an all-time low. Stability is one of the reasons why I chose to return to school because I would someday be able to help my father the way he helped me and my family for myself as well. When I first started Ashford University online degree program, I thought that it would be difficult and kind of strange that I waited so many years to decide to go back to school. However, then I realized there really was no reasons to feel…show more content…
When I decided to go back to school, knew that college would help me refresh my brain in certain areas that I may need improvement on. I also returned to school because I want a job that will fit with me. Since I have been out of high school, I have had quite a few jobs. The jobs that were employed at, I knew that those jobs were what I did not want to have a career out of for the rest of my life. So, after all the different jobs I had back to back and me not being satisfied with either one. I knew then what it would take and I knew what I needed to

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