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Running Head: Continue My Continue My Education: Why? Jennifer Deans Jana Rivers-Norton August 27, 2012 Running Head: Continue My I never thought I would be writing a paper about returning to school. Going to school was never on my list of priorities when I was younger. To tell you the truth, I never thought I would be going to college, especially so many years after graduating from high school. Over a period of years everyone’s goals and objectives change about their life. In this paper are multiple reasons why it was important for me to return to school as well as strategies I will need to use to earn my college degree. All throughout grade school and high school I barely slid by with my grades and classwork. In elementary school,…show more content…
Most people go to school to get a job or career that pays more money. I am one of those people. I know that going back to school will help me out financially. Financial aid is another reason why I decided to attend Ashford University. It has helped me with the debt that I had prior to returning to school. This started off being the main reason why I decided to return to school but I saw the bigger picture and that was me getting a college degree and making a better life my children. So for me, it is all worth it in the end. While trying to pursue my degree, I know there will be many obstacles in the way such as unsupportive peers and being able to maintain good grades. Some of the strategies are to make sure I study all material as much as I can and turn all assignments in a timely manner. One thing that I will definitely have to work on is my writing. I need to work more on brainstorming, going more in depth, and revising my writing assignments. I will use all feed back and criticism as ammunition to do a better job and correct what I have made mistakes on. All of this needs to be done in order for me to become a better me and I understand that now at this point in my

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