Personal Narrative: My Pursuits In Education

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Educational pursuits 1 My Educational Pursuits Erika Toombs ENG 121 Magdalena Sokolowski June 2, 2013 Educational pursuits 2 My Educational Pursuits Dedication, hard work, discipline, and time management are key parts to the pursuit of your education. Returning to school always has been something I knew I wanted to do but to obtain the courage to do it was something different. I knew that I always struggled with school and to continue on and go to college was nowhere in my current life goals. Having that degree could open so may doors in my life. Accepting that there would be obstacles and learning how to overcome them to be successful was a challenge all in itself. There is a big difference in wanting and needing something in your life. I realized that my degree is something I needed but also wanted. I had to decide for myself if I would allow the challenges of being a single mother and being overwhelmed with my children’s lives to affect me from continuing my education. This was something that would…show more content…
I wanted to obtain my degree to be somebody that my kids could look up to. I wanted to lead by example, we often don’t realize that showing our kids its possible and telling them makes a big difference. I want them to see that as a mom I was capable of doing it and balancing work, school and caring for them and obtaining a degree is possible. Wanting a career and not a job was always possible but the difference in the two was that I needed a college education. Obtain my degree would allow me to achieve my goals in life. My degree is a stepping stone in my life it would allow me to become a teacher within the school district and not only preschool. It also shows my job that I’m serious about it; it allows me to receive pay raises and promotions within the company but we all know that without an education that goal is farfetched. I have learned to not look at returning

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