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Graduate Degree Paper: Reasons for an MBA A successful women’s clothing designer Diane Von Furstenberg was once quoted in an American Express credit card ad referencing her years as a young professional. She stated that she never knew what she wanted to do but that she always knew the kind of women she wanted to be. Diane was referencing the hardships she experienced as a young professional while trying to figure out what career path she should choose. Yet during this time she was able maintain her integrity, which enabled her to become eventually an established designer. Like Diane I too have experienced many hardships as a young professional while trying to figure out what career path I should choose. After obtaining a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree. I always knew I wanted to continue my education in a graduate level program, but I was unsure where to focus my concentration. As a “feeler” in life I have searched for that perfect career yet after so many disappointing work experiences and external family crises I lost focus and a bit of hope in where that opportunity would lie. As one can see, my personal integrity and values have definitely played an important role in my life and professional career. Over the past eight years I have worked at a variety jobs where I could have chosen to pursue the field further but did not for multiple reasons. Lack of adult education and inadequate training and development programs has definitely held me back professionally from positions where I know I would thrive. I’ll never forget the first time I learned of Diane Von Furstenberg’s quote as a young professional struggling to find her career identity. Instantaneously, I felt a sense of relief because I too am a young professional who is struggling to find her way. Silly as it may seem I like to blame societal pressures for creating the emotional and spiritual

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