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The Hopes I Have for College For the past four years of my high school career my teachers and family have been preaching to me about me attending college. And how I need to do better in school so I could receive scholarships in this and participate in that once I got accepted into a college. For everyone in high school it seemed that the ultimate goal for students was to get the hell up out of there and live the college life. So, like everyone else I made it my goal, not having a real reason of my own besides “to learn”. So no, I don’t know why I’m in college. I just figured college is what comes after high school and that’s what I’m supposed to do. But what I have learned the past few weeks while being here is that even though I didn’t know why I was here initially, I hope it will impact my life for the better. My future is important to me and I only expect the best for myself. So if attending college is what I have to do in order to be stress free that’s fine. “If you want a good job you have to go to school” are like the words of the year. Because well paying jobs only want the best of the best. But I’ve never wanted my reason of going to school to only be solely for a job, but for myself. Of course I want to learn for a job but to also be able to learn how the world works around me. Everyday things are happening in our government or cities and are left unnoticed and I hope while being in college I’m able to know why certain things are happening. So instead of just being in the dark behind important decisions I can become socially aware of everything. This in return will also help me to be able to think for myself and think more critically on decisions I’ll chose to make in the future for myself. Another thing I’m sort of forced to learn while being in school is independence. I’m required to wake up on my own, clean my own clothes, and buy my own food.

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