Why I Chose to Attend College

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College 101 Why I chose to attend college: I chose to attend college because I have wanted to for many years now. I have always felt that going to college would help me to be able to fulfill my purpose in life. I have future plans to make a difference in the world, and for me personally I feel that college is a necessity to achieve this. I want to achieve my own personal goals of getting my Associates Degree from Lackawanna, then continuing on at another school to get my Bachelor’s Degree in social work. I have future plans of becoming a counselor or a life coach, I plan to make the final decision on which one when I have had a chance to practice as an intern; That is how I think I will learn better which one is more suitable for me personally. I also chose to attend college because I want to set a good example for my children. It makes much more sense for them to see me going to college, rather than for them to just hear me tell them why I feel it is so important that they go. I understand that, by my choice to attend college, there will be obstacles and fears that I will need to overcome and work through, but my goals and strengths will help me through this. I chose Lackawanna College because I felt that the programs offered here would help as a starting point towards achieving my goal to further my education, and to eventually transfer to another college after getting a degree in Human Services at Lackawanna College. I felt that this college would fit my needs, to transfer as many of my credits as possible, to another college to get a Bachelor's Degree. Another advantage, to choosing Lackawanna College, is that the classes I am interested in are offered here. It is also close to my home since I only live just down the street. Both of these reasons help to make my going to college that much more convenient.

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