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Achieving success in college is not an easy thing to do. A handful of people succeed, but many fail and drop out. I have thought many times about dropping out, but realizing what college can do for me has helped me stay. I have sat down and thought about all the windows that would be opened for me once I have a degree. To achieve success in college, you need to schedule your time wisely, have strong self-discipline, and keep calm and try not to stress. Making sure students schedule their time evenly while in college is a major asset. Many people say there is not enough time in a day, which can be true when in college. But, the way to work around that is to sit down and plan out your semester. For example, I wrote down class times and asked my manager at my job if he would be able to work with those times. Going to school and working is hard, but knowing you can handle both things is an amazing feeling. If students don’t work and plan to go to school, they should make sure they take classes at times they will go. I took classes that were very early last semester, and I hardly went. Making sure students have classes at times that they will attend will help them succeed. Also having a set schedule makes college way easier on you. Another strategy to use to succeed in college is strong self-discipline. When students are in college they tend to get lazy very easy. The best way to overcome this laziness is to motivate them selves. Reminding themselves of all the good that will come out of them completing college. I would never want to go to class, but I always reminded myself of how much easier my future is going to be once I get a degree. Self-discipline is not only to motivate them, but to also learn how to adapt to a new environment. When in college, students have a wide selection of people in their classes. Not everyone is his or her age. They learn to have more

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