Why I Am Attending College

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Why I am Attending College I decided to go back to college to get further education. I wanted to set a good example for my kids and show them that their education is very important. My life has been an up and down hill battle until I went back to school. I have been out of school for eleven years now, so just imagine how I feel sitting back in a classroom. When I told my mom that I had decided to go back to school she was very proud of me and told me that I can do it as long as I tried hard enough. I want to get a better education so I can get a good job and am able to give my family the things they need as well as want. When it comes to getting an education I want to be the one to set a good example for my family. If I was able to do it all over again I would have went to college right after I graduated from school. I am willing to give up my spare time to set a good example for my family by going to college. The only thing that annoys me the most is when you hear girls out there talking about how they could not finish high school because they were teenage mothers. A little tip is I was a teenage mother and graduated from high school. I had a son and was pregnant for my daughter while I was going to school and I graduated. I was working, taking care of my son as well as going to school. It is not as hard as these girls put it out to be they just aren't trying hard enough these days. I am very proud of my self because I decided to further my education and make something of myself. I am ready to make this big change and step in my life and make my family proud of

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