Pursuit Of Education: A Lifetime Development

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Pursuit of Education: A Lifetime Development As a high school student sitting in a class waiting for the teacher to pass back my test we took last week, I start thinking do I really need this class to better myself for the near future? I try to think how this class will benefit me later. Well, I know I need it as a credit to graduate high school and I know I need it to for college, but what does this class have to afford me if I don’t go to college and step into the real world now. In my head, I can hear my mom saying “Boy, you going to college!” but then I ask myself why do I need to go to college? And the number one answer I could think of right off the back was to make that money. Nowadays, student around my age only think about going to college in order to be successful finically, not just for an education. Although some choose to learn far beyond the classroom, many students fail to take the time to go into deeper thinking to figure things out for themselves. I believe education is a tool that a person obtains through many years of development and learning, and will be continuously employed throughout the duration of their lives. Growing up, my mom pretty much told me that if I was not joining the military then I was for sure going to college. And I was okay with that. I knew that going to college would give me a better job so I could maintain a stable lifestyle; but that’s the thing, it never crossed my mind that I need to go to college for a better education. In today’s society, in order for people to have a good job outside of professional sports, music entertainment, and military, they have to have a college education in order for them to maintain a decent job. So far into my college experience, I can tell that some of my classmates and peers have that mindset. The mindset that “I’m only going to college just so I can get money” and there is nothing wrong

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