Farewell Class of 2012

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Hour4 Journalism NPHS News Story Graduation. The class of 2012’s high school time is sadly coming to an end and I was curious to see what people had in mind for next year. Me personally, am kind of sad to graduate but there is also some excitement in it for me. Being able to start a new life basically, in a different place, with new people, a fresh start. I’m scared of losing friends, and to be honest, being on my own next year. So that’s another thing I’m curious to find out about my fellow classmates. Are they nervous about anything? Do they even want to graduate? I asked my friend David about his thoughts and feelings on graduation and also his plans for next year. He said, “I can’t wait to graduate, I want to get out of this place already. I’m looking forward to being able to set my own schedule and do what I want to do next year. I’ll be attending Mankato State University next year and I’m in a dorm with my best friend Nick. One of the things I’m kind of nervous about is the money issue, I’m going to have to get a job so that I can afford food and clothes and all the school costs next year. I’m especially going to miss my friends next year, and being able to see everyone all the time.” I really agreed with David on just about everything he said, I will also be attending a Mankato school at South Central College so I will be able to see David quite often which will be nice. I then caught up to my friend Sam Anderson and asked him about his feeling for graduation. “Sam, are you nervous about graduating? And do you think you will miss high school? Also, what are your plans after you graduate?”, I asked. Sam said, “I guess I’m not nervous about graduating, just a little sad. Mostly because I’m going to miss all my friends, I grew up with these guys and it’s going to be a whole different story next year with new people. So basically, friends are going to be the

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