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No words could possibly describe the feelings that were going through me Freshmon Year. Leaving the Cleveland Heights/ University Heights School District for a year in Eighth Grade, I wasen't sure what to expect coming back. Apart of me was full of excitement, realizing I finally will be able to see my friends that I left behind. Knowing, I wouldn't be alone with the comment “ new kid in school”. However, fear was seeping through me as the hours of walking to the building came nearer. Questions like “ What if they don't remember me?” , “ What if I don't fit in?” was hovering my brain as I was waking up to get ready for the first day. Everything had to be perfect, I mean its the big step to the rest of my life. Although, I wish I was prepared to what came ahead. Academically, my first year of high school was on a ball. I had 3.99 GPA average, and I was organized, and timely with my assignments. Freshmon Year I was on top of the world. However, that was the year I had to learn one of the big lessons life throws at you every once in a while. The lesson that people grow…show more content…
That promise I made to myself last year was the motivation I thought I needed for the best school year. Looking back now, I realize maybe my focus was way off the charts. Instead of my goal being academics, and college, it was boys, social circles, and what you wore. Well, Sophomore year has no mercy when it came to focusing. I guess, when you really want something that you think will make your life better your willing to sacrifice or put away other things that our actually way more important. So, In a way yeah I got what I wanted. I found my first high school love, I was hanging out every weekend. The first time in my life I thought I had the high school life that was right. However, at what cost was this new since of popularity? Academically, Sophomore Year was barely passing. There is no way to get around it , and no other word to describe it. That year was

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