Causes To Flunk Out College

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Causes to Flunk Out College It is an irony of genera – just about every high school kid has a vision of attending to a college - an edifying society of higher education from where a student can walk on the path of realization. But, as soon as that dream is comprehended, the idealistic student gives up mortifying the aim underneath his or her feet by dropping out. In most of the time, college students discontinue to appear in the college before the end of their freshmen year. This is the main cause of falling down the percentage rate from 84.6 %( High School Graduates) to 27.2 % (Bachelor Degree Graduates). Financial expenses, the lack of readiness responsibility and choosing the wrong major are some specific reasons for college students to flunk out the college. Typically, students who drop their classes in order to not attaining any passing grade claim that the one reason they have to stop going to the college is that they have deficient financial backing from their families and the student aid or grant programs. Survey takers from U.S Department of Higher Education Board say that “58% of college dropouts said that they had no help from their parents, compared with 37% among students who graduated. Similarly, 69% said that they had no scholarships or loans, compared with 43% among students who graduated”. The students who are agonizing the financial difficulties have to search for a job to pay for their collage or support their families. Observably, it is very durable to be focused on both employment and study fields. So, it is very clear that financial expense is the one of the particular reason why college students give up their college education. Most of the high school students admit in a college by thinking of that a college life would be more unrestricted and preferable than their high school lives with parents. Also, they have a conjoint believe that
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