Why College Is Overrated Speech

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College/University Speech . I’m here to talk to you a little bit about post-secondary education. I feel this is a pretty relevant topic for us all right now, because if you’re anything like me, you’re still deciding what the heck you’re going to do next year. College or university, that’s just the American dream isn’t it. You know, all the classy gentlemen go to college, or at least that’s what tradition says. College or university might be the mainstream and what`s becoming the normal thing to do, and with our society’s view right now, anyone who doesn’t attend post-secondary education could be seen as a lower class citizen, which isn`t a good thing. The university/college situation right now is set up to be so high pressure for young people leaving high school. But we have to consider that more degrees correlate with higher unemployment rate. Our society undervalues entrepreneurial work, trade skills, and it discourages young people from pursuing this type of education after high school. Now this isn’t a good thing for a few reasons. For example, tuition fees have gone through the roof to go to college over the last thirty years, and that means debts are increasing ridiculously. According to stats from CNBC, right now in the US, college related debts are over a trillion dollars. This debt is getting harder and harder to pay off too, because there are so limited jobs available for college graduates. For example, 50000 people graduate from law school every year, and there are only about 30000 legal positions available. Also, using the example of pre-med school, out of all the people in pre-med school right now, there is only about nine percent of them that have the opportunity to continue to med school after, what happens to the other 91 percent? What’re they going to do? It’s a problem isn’t it? But swaying away from the college university debate, it is safe
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