Reciprocation In Occupy Wall Street

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In today’s current news nothing is more prominent than that of the American government and it’s struggles. The American Economy has been a main focus of thousands of Americans for the past few years. A lot that has been argued deals with the massive difference between the upper 1% of the nation and the angry 99% of the rest. Occupy Wall Street deals with these angry 99% looking for some sort of reciprocation from these individuals and the hopes that they can began to enjoy their lives without the fear of becoming broke and possibly homeless due to the failing economy of the U.S.A. ("Occupy Wall Street"). This movement has highly appealed to the youth of this nation especially that of the college graduate students that are still struggling to…show more content…
Since the begging of the American deficit the American upper class has been constantly gaining ground and earning more and more dollars per capita every year ("Occupy Wall Street"). While on the other hand the middle class has been slowly losing ground on the upper class and the income per capita is slowly decreasing. If the trend continues there will only be an upper powerhouse class and a lower poor class. This angers a large amount of the population. Not only is it just money figures it’s the idea that these middle class students are going to college for several years on a promise that if they get that degree they will be able to live comfortably, and due to the current state of economy this is just not true. Larger companies are either misusing or not getting the benefits of the government and therefore there have been job cuts in professional positions that would have served as a landing point for these college degree students ("Occupy Wall Street"). Now that there is no jobs these students are left with tens of thousands of dollars in debt with no way to earn money because they are over qualified for lower positions but do not have the experience to land one of the limited jobs left in the professional white collar business world. Now this is a major topic of dispute because a lot of the country believes that they just need to work hard and stop complaining because that’s what they did and they now live happily, but the truth is they cannot do that. This is why these thousands of individuals are marching on Wall Street to voice their ideas on them and tell them that they their greed and no care for the rest of the nation is what is killing us this very day, and until some sort agreement I made it looks like the protests will not end("Occupy Wall Street").

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