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English 043 Professor Doreen Kiefer 12/15/13 “The Growing Need of Raising Minimum Wage” Have you ever wonder how many desperate unemployed American citizens there are in the United States seeking for jobs? Well there’re more than eleven million unemployed citizens desperately trying to make a living in this terrible recession. Not only is it affecting our economy but our businesses, and families as well. Even before the recession, our economy was rapidly shifting, with fewer and fewer middle class jobs and opportunities, with fewer and fewer middle class families, which has led to a low growing, low-wage workforce. As of the end of 2011, the United States needed to create roughly 10 million jobs to return to the pre-recession unemployment…show more content…
In the past, one could support their family without a college education and still have the means to live comfortably. However that is not the case anymore. In today’s society all of the high paying jobs require and demand college experience. These jobs that are at the high paying end of the spectrum have changed their basic requirements because of technology rapidly increasing day by day, getting more complicated and difficult-which makes them want to make sure that their employees are properly trained. This however, does not sit well with people who are becoming unemployed or who have seniority at their current jobs. Attending college is neither cheap nor convenient when you take into consideration that a lot of the employees who have been working for so long. In their brains they just are given a task and do it. They do not have the drive or means to set time aside to go take day/night classes, to keep up with and adapt to the social and economic changes. Plus, you have to take into consideration that a lot of these people have a full table to support at home. By attending school, you are depriving them of less time with their loved ones, more time working and studying, transportation costs, not to mention less sleep. It is completely unfair and unjust to expect and demand all of that from people who are just trying to live the American Dream. However, by increasing the minimum wage, you would

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