Student Debt Argumentative Essay

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While many people in the United States look for higher education after high school, financial barriers are in the way for a lot of these students due to rising college tuition costs. Although these high prices are seen as a negative by most, arguments have been made that they may actually be a good thing. Some say the higher price tag forces (potential) students to not take their education for granted. The opposing side responds with statements saying a lot of people aren’t given a chance and these prices are to far out of their reach. The bottom line is that the high and rising cost of college isn’t a good thing and reduces the amount of qualified workers. Steps need to be made in bringing down the price to a point that both the universities and students agree on, and possibly offering more opportunities for financial aid from the institutions and the government itself.…show more content…
Some might not believe this, but one study says that it exceeds credit card debt by over $1 trillion (Woodruff 1). Credit card debt seems to get more glitz and glam in the national media, but no one seems to realize student debt is a bigger problem. That isn’t all though, because late last year, the Federal Reserve reported that borrowing covering student loans increased $15.2 billion, while debt from credit cards rose only $817 million from October to November 2012 (Crutsinger 1). This shows that more attention needs to be put on fixing student loan problems so that we can inject more jobs into our economy, thus possibly fixing some credit card debt woes as well because it would enable civilians to have more cash at their

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