College Education Is Not Worth The Cost Essay

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Alex Bayne Ms. Ichord English 20 18 September 2012 College, Is It Worth the Cost. Long has the debate raged over whether a college education is worth the cost. If one decided ask someone who did not go to college why they decided against it, they may spout off names of famous people who never went to, or completed their college careers. This list includes Microsoft mogul Bill Gates and the ex-CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, as well as many in the music industry. If one asked a college graduate why they chose to go to college, they will generally say "Are you kidding me?," and walk away as if the person who asked them is the biggest idiot on the planet. Today, this question will finally be answered and it will be proven, that the benefits of a college…show more content…
College is expensive and what one receives in return is not enough. What some graduates get is huge debt, and, for those whoearn their degree, a slip of paper they do not know how to use to get a job. But the pundits are wrong; for most students, the benefits of college will outweigh the costs. First, when considering the immediate costs of college tuition, the price has not grown to become unmanageable. The published tuition and fees is actually way more than the students end up paying to their universities. According to the College Board, "the average in-state "sticker price" at a public four-year college is $8,240.00 for one year, but the amount that students actually pay on average is $2,490.00 per year". The reason the price comes down so much is because many do not take into account scholarships, federal grants, and tax credits, for which every college student applies because it means less money they owe. In fact, given these resources for financial aid, students attending public two-year colleges on average do not pay any money and in some cases actually made money through on campus

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