Essay On Generation Debt

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Generation Debt The struggle to become financially independent and successful is a goal that has become increasingly more difficult for individuals aged 18-35. With the excessive price tag that comes with pursuing a college degree and the lack of good job opportunities, young people commonly find themselves in greater and greater debt. Rather than enjoying a life they believe they deserve, they find themselves unable to afford even basic necessities such as health insurance or a decent living arrangement. They become stuck, trapped in a situation that doesn’t offer the opportunity of settling down. Unfortunately, much of the older generation believes that this lack of opportunity is due to laziness. “Collectively the mass media…show more content…
In today’s job climate, for an individual to increase their chances of obtaining a steady source of income, diversity in multiple fields is important. Instead of doing the bare minimum required for their major, more students should take into consideration the possibility of minoring in a subject that will yield them more job opportunities, “the key to finding a job is flexibility.” (SF Chronicle) A degree in Biology, Business, etc. is a solid degree nonetheless, but a degree in Business and a minor in Computer Science shows that the individual has the potential to succeed in either field and has more skills to offer to their potential employer. As the number of job openings dramatically decreases, a minor in a high-demand field of work can greatly improve one’s chances. Also, students need to drastically lower their expectations when it comes to finding a job, “a lot of students want that perfect needle-in-the-haystack job but with this economy that’s just not possible.” (SF Chronicle). The economy is in very poor shape and to expect a job that will instantly provide them with more than substantial pay is not practical. Young individuals will have to get used to the idea that they have less options coming out of university, and that having a degree does not guarantee them decent-paying
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