Why College Education Is Important to Me Essay

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EN110 Achieving Academic Excellence Writing Assignment 5, “Why college education is important to me” 07/18/14 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”--Nelson Mandela, July 16 2003 An education is more than going to a college or university to receive a degree. It provides the opportunity to expand our minds to the fullest, to absorb what is around us. It allows us to experience the differences and similarities of our fellow men and women. To me, that is why a college education is important. It prepares you for the future world in which, at times, can change in an instant. The quote by Nelson Mandela about education and the power it brings is very important. Education is one thing someone cannot take away. By advancing yourself and obtaining an education allows you not to be ignorant and be manipulated by wrongdoers of this world. In my family that statement is true. I have many family members who did not receive higher education once they graduated high school. Looking back as a child through the years I have witnessed them being taken advantage of due to the lack of education and knowledge of the situation they were in. I promised myself I was not going to be put in that situation of not knowing and being taken advantage of due to the lack of education. A college education, in the world today, allows you to advance in society and earn more money no matter what level you achieve. The workforce is changing so fast regarding degree level to have. When I was graduation high school most people were only obtaining an associate degree. Now the workforce requires you to have a minimal of a bachelor degree for entry level jobs. With the struggles of inflation and the lack of well paying jobs for the young graduates, affording an education after high school is almost impossible. “We just needed to change the culture of
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