Why You Should Attend Collage

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Ana Cordon 7th Period Why would young adults throw their lives away? Why let 13 to 14 years of knowledge go to waste? There is a big argument on should all student attend college. The answer is yes. All students should attend college. There is no reason why students shouldn’t. College helps in so many ways. All students should attend college because it will help to get a better career to have a higher life style, and be more qualified in a job field. Having a career is important, for the obvious reason to have money. But first of all what career is the best for a person to have? College helps you decide on your likes and dislikes. But before choosing what are the like and dislikes, what opportunities are actually there to choose from? Its better to have a larger variety to choose from so if one wanted to transfer their knowledge from one career to another its possible, but to do this they have to have a higher type of knowledge then most and a collage degree. The only way to get a college degree is to attend college and earn it. Employers are more likely to choose those who actually have a college degree and education because they know that these people already have the knowledge and training for the career they are providing. So if all students were to attend college they would all have the same chance to have a better career. Everyone wants to have at least a decent life style, but with attending college one can have a higher life style then others. With a college education people find better careers that have better pay then a job that one can get with out a college education. Better pay helps support ones self and if so the family they have. Everything cost money, and one must always have more then enough of it to live off of. Beyond all the necessities that one has to take care of, with the higher earnings gives a person the

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