Risks of Student Loans

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RISKS OF STUDENT LOANS The issue that I am researching is the negative risks of student loans and how it is not worth the risk. The negative risks of student loans are damaging their credit scores when not able to pay loans on time. Another negative risk is students who struggle to pay their loan making it harder for them to save up for retirement. With so many students facing debt because of student loans it also serves as a threat to the economy. Along with negative risks their also positive risks such as student loans helping in assisting students when furthering their education. By doing so this also makes it possible for students to find jobs, which in return helps the economy to grow. Also when students pay their loans on time it will increase their credit score rate. The risks of student loans can affect people on a day-to-day basis because the negative risks of student cause students to live a daily struggle of being able to pay bills on time if at all. It can also make it difficult for them to afford other basic necessities they may need. This issue can be related to other similar issues such as debt in general amongst the United States. People should care about this because not only will it affect them but it will also affect the society as well. The risks of student loans can be very damaging and if students aren’t aware of that they could create more problems than they anticipated. This is not gender related; this issue no matter what gender they are can affect anyone. This also not a cultural or ethnic issue, anyone is eligible for student loans regardless of their culture or ethnicity therefore not making it a cultural or ethnic issue. The first position that is held in this issue is that negative risks caused by student loans aren’t worth the hassle. The evidence that supports this is the number of students who are currently

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