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Kelsi Trumbo EN102 English Composition II Karen Lawler Course Project- Final Draft November 3, 2013 College Cost The cost of college has been a really huge pain and struggle for myself and other college students that I know. The cost of college is so outrageous if you did not earn full ride tuition in high school due to being a good athlete or having superior grades. I was an average student in high school and earned A’s, B’s, and some C’s here and there. I was not a superior student who earned a 4.0 average, or who was in the “Top 20” of my graduating class. Since I have started college I have been dealing with the struggle of how much Financial Aid I was going to receive and then dealing with the stress of having to take out student…show more content…
In an article that I read on the internet, California’s College Stopouts: The Significance of Financial Barriers to Continuous School Enrollment, it stated that California is known for the term college stopout, “In California, the majority of four-year and community college students do not complete their intended degrees and certificates on time” (Terriquez, Gurantz, Gomez, 2013). So do you ask yourselves why this is, and what exactly is a college stopout? According to the article I read it states that, “Many of these students “stop out”—that is, they leave college with the intention of returning later.” (Terriquez, Gurantz, Gomez, 2013). With this quote being said, could the reason for all of these stopouts lead to the cost of college? There are college stopouts due to race gender and not enough money to pay for college. Troubles with the economy have caused college stopouts to occur as well. Higher education, or college is getting more expensive by the years, and is becoming more and more of a pain to pay for. According to the article, “students from low-income backgrounds in particular may find they need to take time off from school to save money or to help their families pay their bills” (Terriquez, Gurantz, Gomez, 2013). With this being said with these students having to focus on their financial issues, it is going to be a struggle for them to afford both their bills and college cost. College stopouts are known to struggle going back to college and completing their

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