Vanishing Education In America Essay

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Education and the Vanishing of the Middle Class Thousands of kids go into their last summer of high school wondering where they are headed for the next level of education. As the school year winds down and the choice is made a sense of nervousness, excitement, and relief pass over them. Then around a month or two before heading off to college they get a bill in the mail. This is especially hectic for Pennsylvania residents who are planning to attend either Penn State or the University of Pittsburgh, the top two schools in terms of highest in-state tuition in the country (Erdley). Going to a college like this without any scholarship or aid can leave a student hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. The college education system and politicians…show more content…
European countries, India, and China are passing us at a severe rate. One of the most prominent countries in terms of education would be Finland who ranked second in reading scores and first in science scores in the Program for International Student Assessment Tests. Sadly the United States ranked fifteenth in reading and nineteenth in science (Haglund). This country is becoming a laughing stock amongst other countries because of their unique methods to further…show more content…
School also doesn’t start there until the age of seven which is different than here; we usually start at four or five. There is one thing that they do that makes their educational system leaps and bounds above ours, they make college free (Haglund)! Compare that to the United States where you are paying sometimes up to $50,000 a year to attend a prestigious university. This is why our educational system is failing. College is too expensive for the middle-class man to afford. This can cause massive amounts of debts in student loans, smart students lowering their academic standards in order to attend a state university or community college, and even students choosing to join the work force out of high school instead of pursuing a degree. This is not a knock on community college or state schools but when a student can excel at a school like Harvard and has to instead go to Slippery Rock, the education system is

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