What Are Some of the Reasons or Causes for Student to Drop Out of College?

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The bachelor’s degree Only slightly more than 50 percent of American students who enter college leave with a bachelor’s degree. College is the place where students make the biggest decision of their life that may change their entire professional future. Some students cannot finish their bachelor’s degree due to many different reasons. Those are they are academic unprepared, family issues and financial problems. Students are sometimes academically unprepared to finish their college education. High school students are graduating their senior year not knowing what they want to do with their lives or what to expect about college life. Some schools do not offer college education support which may help the student realize their academic skills. Consequently, students make the wrong choice of major and they get burned out from studying and they decide to drop out. Some students graduate high school and want a break from studying, or essentially they want to party. Others have families who want them to keep studying and send them to college anyway, where the students end up failing class and realizing they are wasting their time, therefore they drop out of college. Handling family issues and college life is not easy. Some students have a lot of family issues sometimes dealing with their parents. Some students decide to go back to college after they are married and have kids, but this can be difficult. These situations may lead to stress. Studying with a lot of stress in their lives can result in a lack of concentration. It may be hard to go through their academic education; consequently, they may drop out of college. The most common reason why students drop out is due to financial problems. Some families start saving money for college from the time their kids were born, and by the time they grow up they have enough money to help with their college expenses. On the

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