Affect of Alcohol Abuse on Campus

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English 152 30 September 2013 Alcohol abuse effecting academic performance needs to be written about because there are strong cases for both sides of the argument, it is a current and interesting topic, and people need to be informed on how alcohol may be a direct cause of failing performance in school. A private college is a business, not all students go to college to party, and Alcohol on campus causes more problems than it is worth. Alcohol abuse on campus affects student’s academic performance negatively. A private college is a business. Parents spend a lot of money for their son or daughter to better them through higher education. Alcohol directly causes that investment to be wasted away. “Alcohol consumption before and during final exam period is detrimental to students’ performance. The effect is particularly significant for the highest-performing students, according to the study” (Daily Princetonian Staff) this quote explains how alcohol consumption is directly associated with failing grades, even in usually high performing students. The quote came from a study taken during finals week at a college. “The fact that the drop in performance was largest for the highest-performing students, the researchers wrote,” “suggests that the negative consequences of alcohol consumption are not limited to a small fraction of users or even to those who might naturally struggle with academics.”( Daily Princetonian Staff) This is proving that alcohol will negatively affect academic performance in everyone. It is not limited to lower performing students. “Both anecdotal and scientific evidence suggest that student drinking is tied to poor academic outcomes such as missing class, getting behind in school work, and receiving low grades.” (Dowdall 50) Not all students go to college to party. College is an investment in someone’s future. Many students take college very

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