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Ashley Williams Prof. Jenkins-Crowe Rhetorical Analysis English 1020 September 26, 2012 College; Decisions, Decisions In the essay “Is College for Everyone?” by Pharinet, he states that everyone doesn’t have to go to college to obtain a well-paying job. In the beginning of the essay Pharinet starts by stating a common phrase, “You won’t get anywhere without your education (635).” This statement has been repeated to many individuals since elementary. Whether it was coming from teachers, parents, or families we’ve all heard it before. Secondly, Pharinet implied that a college degree doesn’t make everyone happy nor does it guarantee everyone success. Many college students go into financial debt trying to obtain the high cost of college tuition, because of this more college students are becoming drop outs after their first year of college. In other words, college requires several challenges that many people aren’t ready to take on. Pharinet’s purpose is to inform students who are trying to figure out whether college is best for them or not. This essay is effective because it allows individuals to find what professions are best for them. No two people are the same, even though people are said to be created equally they still are different in more ways than one. Everyone grows up in different neighborhoods, demographics, cultures, races and ethnicities. This gives evidence to differences in how people are raised and how they are taught to think. There is no denying that everyone isn’t made for the same things, and school is no different. In this essay Pharinet speaks clearly to people who are unsure whether or not he or she should attend college or not. He also uses reasonable issues that are related to many college students of today. Many of those students are struggling to maintain good grades or tuition. Starting at a young age you

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