College Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1 In Chapter 1 the book talks about the college experience. It goes into different details about settling into a college routine, talks about why college is important and many other new things that come with college. It explains that college isn’t all about sports and partying that as young adults we have that image of college in our head. College is another step in education, and in today’s society having a college degree is very important when trying to get a high paying job. Having a college degree makes living the American Dream a lot easier, and it helps you grow as an adult and teaches you leadership roles. Chapter 1 also explains that college is a place for young adults to enjoy life, meet new people, try new things. The reasons most young children are so ready to leave for college. Its going to help you know what you want in life most of all. College…show more content…
Learning to manage your time with all the freedom college brings is one of the hardest transitions to make. While in high school you always were reminded when your work was due and etc. In college its your own responsibility to know when you have work to be turned in and test. In explains ways to make managing your time easier such as knowing your goals and knowing what you have to do to achieve your goals. You also have to know your purpose of attending college and what you want out of it. And making a commitment to achieve your goals is important, you got to have you priorities straight. When it college you should be organized and on a schedule. Set up a weekly schedule with your class times, and when your going to sit and down your school work. Being organized will help you stay focus and use your time wisely. Last but not least it explains how important overcoming procrastination. Don’t be the student that always wait the day before an assignment is due to start on it. Work on things ahead of time will make college a lot
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