The Benefits of Higher Education; College vs. Vocational School

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Final Draft The Benefits of Higher Education; College vs. Vocational School As high school graduation approaches millions of teenagers around the country are making the hard choice between college, or a trade school. In Katherine Porter’s essay, “The Value of a College Degree” she explains the importance of a college degree. A college degree will guarantee a successful future, improve our economy, and send young adults into the world with excellent critical thinking skills. Adults returning to college will have the benefit of increased self-esteem, the ability to change professions, and future opportunities for advancement in their current careers. On the other hand, we have Linda Lee’s essay “The Case Against College” explaining that college is not for everyone. Students in high school that choose not to apply themselves should not attend college. These students may not be ready for the heavy course work, the expenses, or the dedication of time needed to earn their degree. Although both authors prove strong points it is obvious that whether your choice is college or trade school, as long as you apply yourself you will be guaranteed future success. “The individual benefits that college graduates enjoy, including high levels of savings, increased personal/professional mobility, improved quality of life for their offspring, better consumer decision making, and more hobbies and leisure activities” (Porter, 494). Porter is explaining that a college educated individual will have a life full of endless opportunities, and a strong set of morals. A college degree is valued in our society, and we are led to believe it’s a staple for our success socially and economical. Attending college can boost your confidence giving you a piece of mind knowing you have a solid educational background. You can control your destiny because you have the freedom of

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