Why College Education Is Important to Me

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“Why College Education Is Important To Me” By Derrick Elgin At this turning point in my life I have arrived at a very important understanding. Education is important to me because it is the very foundation for a new beginning in my life. It will increase my knowledge and the awareness I have for the world around me. Education will benefit my future for my family and myself. A college education will greatly improve my career options and financial wellbeing. It will give me the knowledge and skills to be successful in my chosen career field. Even though I have continued to learn throughout my life experiences, a formal education will equip me with the ability to form better opinions and expand points of view in everyday life. Furthermore, education will help me to build on my work ethic and values to develop a more mature stable future. College education will provide a clear direction that will help motivate me to make better decisions in all aspects of my life. It will be an accomplishment that I can look back and say I was able to follow through and finish. Education will benefit me in having the ability to solve problems which will be an important skill to have throughout the rest of my life. My current course of study is in Computer Information Systems. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the computer technology field. Achieving my Associates degree will definitely improve on some of the skills I already know and have gained for myself. I want to interact with people who are in this field of study.” I believe” this will perhaps surround me with people who may play an important role in my future success. Education is healthy for the brain, higher education will certainly sharpen my mind and give me the discipline I need. The reason I have chosen to further my

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