Effects of Going to College

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Effects of going to College. College in general has a big impact on our life and careers. I do think that its important you go to a post secondary school that has the required prerequisites for your field of education, and that has the ability to challenge you. What's more important is that you take the advantage of opportunities at any college that you choose to go to. The importance of getting a college education makes a person strong and more confident about them selfs. In my situation it has been really difficult to be able to transition from high school to college even though i have been out of high school for awhile now, it for sure doesn't feel the same. I have been attending college for a couple of semesters now and i do have to say that it hasn't really been easy, yes some courses have been a challenge for me but some more than others. People would think that things come to them very easily but for some people it takes them awhile to get into the grove and to grasp it well. In this journey of my college life i would have to say that it has been the biggest milestone for me. I have been able to see how college education is a very valuable thing and everyone should be able to get one so that we can all be enlightened and help make our society a better place. College is a place where people come together in an environment that helps nurture their educational and professional curiosities. I have been able to have different encounters with all kinds of different people in many different settings and this has given me a big boost of confidence. College education has a profound effect in my life , it has helped me chose my career more wisely and the college experience has made me become more confident and make better and well judged decisions. It has also helped me to prepare my self for the entry into the real world. I feel that we as students have the

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