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Being successful inside and outside of the classroom is something I want to accomplish. Being a part of a community such as the honors college will give me additional motivation to be academically successful. I enjoy giving my time and services to others in need. I am always interested in volunteering, but right now I just do not know how. There are resources offered at the honors college I plan on taking advantage of, that offer exploring ways to help out in the community and on campus. After becoming a member of the honors college, I will finally be able to achieve my goals of becoming an overall better human being. I am confident that I will be able to utilize the honors college in my college journey. This opportunity will guide me through…show more content…
The programs offered at the honors college will allow me to achieve this goal of giving back to the community in a way that generates a long-lasting impact. As a part of the honors college, I would like to get involved in helping on and off campus. By organizing and being a part of service learning events, I will gain leadership and communication skills that will be used forever. The experiences I will gain from being a part of the honors college will impact me for the rest of my life. I plan on using these skills and experiences to impact others in a positive way. After being a part of events, my goal is to plan and create my own. I am interested in nature and wildlife and I hope I can apply my interests in such a way that will make a difference. I'd like to take action and start up a club or organization for people with the same interests as me. Volunteering and giving back to the ecosystem is something I want to accomplish. I will need the assistance of the honors college to make this…show more content…
I am highly interested in learning about other cultures and understanding them. Ever since learning about the harsh conditions my family and friends endure in El Salvador and Honduras, I have been wanting to find ways to help. It has always bothered me that I do not have a way of helping people outside of my own community. Studying abroad and helping other communities in any way I can is an opportunity I'd love to take advantage of. Being able to volunteer and help others within different communities is something I desire, and I know the honors college can help me achieve

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