Why College Is Important to Me

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Why college is important to me When most people think of education, they think of getting to a great college, which is awesome, but I believe there are other ways a good education will help me. Education is important because without one, or with a bad one, or with a bad one, you feel disconnected from the world, and you can’t really live a successful life. With a decent education I can change the world, or at least make a major difference. I am not entirely sure how I can make a difference, but I know a good education will help. I think a good education is imperative because it will influence my life in the future. It will help me get a well paying job, In a business, you are usually dealing with bills, tuition, and purchases, so a great deal of math is involved as well as organization and people skills. A great education will also help me get into a business college, so I can pursue my dream of being a business man, or a I have now, and the t least get into a college I am satisfied with. These are some plans I have for the future, and a decent education is key to make these plans a reality. I also think an excellent education is crucial because it will affect my family in one way or another. It will benefit the family I have now, and the family will have in the future. I hope to support my family financially, with the great job education will help me get, and by being a role model and educator to the children I will raise. I want to be able to answer questions my children will have, to give them knowledge and a decent education for their futures too. An education would also impact the family I have now because a nice education would give me a chance to go out into the world, get a good education somewhere to live. Without a job I would not have the money to provide for myself, or get a home and that would be an inconvenience to my family now. As you

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