Why Do People Sometimes Move to a Different Country?

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According to the NY Times in an article about immigration, about 190 million people (3% of the world’s population) lived outside their country of birth in 2005. The decision of moving to another country is made mostly by people who have problems in their home country, such as lack of money and job opportunities. Today, the number of immigrants around the world is growing. It is a life-changing experience that gives them a bunch of opportunities they did not have in their native country. As a result, the decision of moving to another country helps them to improve their lifestyle, get an international degree, and find better jobs. One effect by moving from their native country is having a lifestyle improvement. When people decide to move from their country of birth to another, they look forward to having a successful life. Therefore, they see the option of moving as the best choice because they can get more benefits with health care, have a good salary and get a lower cost of life. By making this decision, they think about providing a better life quality and studies for their kids and family in the future. In addition, people who move to a different country are also able to study and become a professional. There are lots of opportunities for them, such as getting enrolled in a community college, which is cheaper than a university and easier to get in; they can also receive financial aid. Those are big benefits they don’t have in their native country. By making an effort and getting well-prepared, they can graduate and get a degree, which will be pretty helpful for them to succeed. This whole situation will change their lives, giving them more experience and opening millions of doors with opportunities for them to find jobs related to their major. Finally, the most important effect that occurs on people who move from their native country is the possibility

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