Benifits to Attending College

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Benefits To Attending College Jessica Higgins Briarcliffe College Attending college has its ups and downs, but it tends to pay off. The job market is a very scares place. Jobs, these days, in this rough economy are getting harder and harder to find. Most employers will not hire someone for that well-paying job without a college background. So there are so many benefits to putting in the extra mile and achieving the goal of a college degree and in return, living the American dream. When you have a Master’s, Bachelor’s, or even an Associate’s degree, you are opening the playing field up to achieving success in a field of work that you will be happy to wake up to on a daily basis. The blood, sweat and tears that goes into your college degree is well worth what you put into it. The material you learn sets you up for a path to success. It’s so important to try your hardest in college because it says a lot about you, your future and the goals you are trying to proclaim. According to the website, a high school graduate will make about 1.2 million over a life time as opposed to 2.1 million a college graduate might obtain over a life time. That is double the earnings, need I say more? A survey was performed of 1400 people. 87% agreed that an Associate’s degree is the new high school diploma. It’s almost necessary in order to achieve the “American dream “(Morin, 2000). In conclusion, College has its advantages and benefits to achieving your ultimate goals in life for most people. It is hard work, but one day, having and obtaining the American dream is what makes our country so wonderful to live in. Work Cited Morin, R. (2000, May 8). College degree: Key to the american dream?. . Retrieved from "Statistics On College Graduates." Importance of College.

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