Why College Is Impotant to Me

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I want to begin by saying that I have dreamed of getting a college education for a long time. Now is the time to make my dream a reality. Everyone in my family has a college degree. They have been an inspiration to me to go ahead and begin my journey. I work with children and I want my degree in early childhood education. I know that this will improve my abilities in my place of employment. This degree will give me the skills that I need to make a difference in a child’s life. Determination is a key factor in achieving my goals. I have the opportunity to do this now and I want to go for my dream. You do not know what you can achieve if you do not try. I believe that I will be well rewarded for my efforts. I am committed to this work to expand my abilities. Professionalism is vital to be at the top of your game. Challenges are important also. Higher education has many benefits that will enable me to reach my potential. I believe the outcome of earning my degree will depend upon my determination. Achieving this goal is important to me. A degree will be profitable for me at my work. My employer will appreciate my efforts. One of my motivations is to increase my earnings. According to Sizemore, B. (2012, Oct. 05), “two year degrees can have as much or more earning potential as four year degrees.” At my current position, a college degree does earn more than those who do not have a degree. My employer just recently got her degree and she is an inspiration for me to do the same. This is an excellent opportunity to advance my earnings and sharpen my skills. This is an investment in my life and a college education is valuable in many ways. You cannot put a price on knowledge. 2 I can visualize my future being successful. Today in the
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