Taking a Year Off Before College

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Taking Time Off Before College There’s always has been a debate on the pros and cons of taking a gap between college. This daying age students have many different options in a very short period of time. Every choice they make can impact their future and as young people we can figure out the course of our lives. Before finishing highschool, we can either decide to go to college right away or getting a job and starting their lives. As I have researched I have shockingly found many pros to this statement however, I believe that it is smart to go to college after high school. High school graduates that attend college right after high school tend to have well-rounded, driven, and focused minds. II. Research states that it is better to take a break before attending college because not every high school graduate is ready for college at the young age. This break gives students a time to find themselves and find what truly inspires them. For many people this is to travel the worl and many others is to get into the workforce. On the other hand, many young people don’t have any idea what they want to do with the rest their lives so having this time to think and find themselves would be a great idea. Instead of wasting money paying for classes they possibly will never use in their job. During this period of time it would be a good idea to work on college applications and improve your odds to get in a good college. You could volunteer at local events, get a desencet jobs, and get good reviews that you can put on your resume. Some people have a difficult time paying for college so they take this time to get a job and save money for college. By not going to college right after high school you escape the college social consequences… more examples III. Even though, research states that a gap between high school and college is beneficial. If you are able to steam through the

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